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Safe-T-Dome™ Epi-System

Safe-T-Dome™ Epi-System

Safe-T-Dome™ Epi-System
Fail-Safe microbial handlingAbsolute Spares Kit IncludedPlacing Over SpecimenSafe-T-Dome Epi CabinetEasy Open to Insert / ExtractTransport case included
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Comprehensive microbial & hazard containment and processing system for laboratory, office, clinic, mobile unit and field use. Includes Safe-T-Dome Epi glove box for fail-safe, reliable vacuum containment & handling when processing microbial and toxic materials in the field, in the lab or anywhere.  Also features flexible, 1-hand carry case for deployment in difficult field situations.  Includes the Absolute Spares kit to handle expected and drastic contingencies from component failures to subassembly decontamination or replacement.  Whether the event is a natural disaster, epidemic outbreak, emerging disease discovery, toxic leak or terror attack, the Safe-T-Dome Epi System is mobile, effective and ready for action.
Features Benefits
Totally enclosed glove-box barrier containment Total elimination of contact exposure/contamination while in use. The vast majority of user exposure and product contamination events are due to direct contact with hands, arms, or sprayed/squirted liquids; this is not possible while working in a totally enclosed glovebox
Vacuum Containment System Reliable, FAIL-SAFE pressurization STOPS risk of microbe release; leaks can only allow air/microbes to leak in, so no microbes can leak out
Convex, Clam-Shell Design Excellent visibility, simple construction, NO NEED for inside light fixture
Convex, Clam-Shell Design - easier to clean No corners/seams; exceptionally easy to clean & disinfect; simplest system for inserting and removing materials
Convex, Clam-Shell Design Lowest enclosure weight & wall/ceiling surface area for useful floor work zone
Die-Formed ABS Spill-Control Base Light-weight, strong, dependable, contains liquid & powder spills
Simple, 2-Screw Cabinet Lock System Easy, effective closure system to avoid accidental or casual access to glove box interior
Usage-optimized compact workstation design Easier to use, Less fatigue, Optimized ergonomics; Users prefer it over older designs
Rugged Polymer Dome Cabinet Rugged, Strong, Clear, Light weight, User friendly, Stable, Visible
Formed-In Glove Ports Simple, efficient, no seams/fasteners to fail, clean or leak
22 mil x 18" Nitrile Gloves Rugged, Chemical resistant, Long-lasting, Reliable
Proprietary Pressure Control System Simpler, far more reliable & efficient than laminar air wash; an easy to understand system users can control and trust completely
Proprietary Ergonomic User Support Better pressure control and visibility so users experience less fatigue & get more done